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Art Beyond Boundaries 2013 - Sweden

Keep Our Planet Alive 2013, Goa

My Village My Nation, 2012

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

Art has ability to give new vision
Goa,  Goa India
Art has ability to give new vision      2013-02-20
The governor, Mr Bharat V Wanchoo has said that art is a product of extreme concentration and devotion and also elevates human dignity and values. He said art has the ability to give us a new vision with we can create a new world. Mr Wanchoo was speaking after inaugurating the art exhibition of international fine art camp keep our planet alive at Patto, Panji, on Saturday in the presence of minister of forest and environment, Ms Alina Saldanha. The 10 day international fine art camp is organized by directorate of art and culture, government of Goa and Tellusart, Sweden. In all, 42 artists from all over the globe are participating in the art camp. Speaking further, the Governor said, “India has inherited a rich legacy of art and culture. From ancient times, art has had a prominent place in Indian way of life and in its civilizational progress. After independence from colonial rule in 1947, we have witnessed phenomenal progress in the promotion of art and culture. Which has had a resounding impact on our national unity and integrity. “We attach great importance to encouraging art, in whatever form it may be. It is our concern to move towards a more civilised world, where art will have a place of pride because it is the prime medium for widening the frontiers of the mind and spirit and expanding the horizons of our thoughts”
Message of clean environment through wall paintings
Goa,  Goa India
Message of clean environment through wall paintings at Vasco      2013-02-15
The international artists, who are participating in the “Keep Our Planet Alive” workshop, on Thursday made an effort to raise awareness among the people in Vasco by painting nearly 200 meters of the compound wall belonging to the Indian oil corporation. TellusArt Art association under the auspices of the department of art and culture, organised the event to paint nearly 200 meters of the compound wall of the IOC on Thursday with active participation of the artists, students of Mata Secondary School and citizens of Vasco. This is a first kind of event that has been organised in the port town to create awareness on the clean environment. The artists also spread the message of climatic change, importance of biodiversity, cleaniness around the house and keeping the city clean. The event received an overwhelming response from the citizens of Vasco wherein the international artists who are participating in the art workshop and exhibition at Santarem also took an active part. Those took part in the wall painting included Mr Ajmer Sandhu of Sweden, Ms Yolanda D’Souza, Mr Alaxyz, Ms Apeksha Nadkarni, Mr Constantin Migliorin, Mr Ismail Khayat, Mr Sanjay Sawant, Mr Falah Shwan, Ms Vinita Karim and Ms Tiara Saldanha besides others. Meanwhile, the artists’ works at Stone Water in Santarem will be exhibited at the gallery in Panji on February 16.
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