Art Beyond Boundaries
Uttarayan Art Foundation

Art Beyond Boundaries" is an attempt to promote art, friendship and understanding between people of diversified culture. TellusArt works on different expressions, cultures, traditions and arts from the globe and put them together in one space, we feel that Art does not understand any limitations and boundaries. It has no rules and regulations, which belong to the Society. Everything is fair and full of expression; it just needs an exploration from the user’s thought.

After a review of artists & their art works, we can overview the range and variety of many art forms in the current global art atmosphere. It will be an amalgamation of all thoughts, arts and creativities from established and upcoming artists together in one space.


Through our project TellusArt will provide a platform to talented and outstanding artists from various countries, to gather & paint their thoughts at one place during workshops centered on the theme, as art is the best medium of expression. Renowned artists from different countries will highlight their art & cultural background through their Art & interaction.


Uttarayan Art Foundation is on the banks of the Mohi River near Baroda City in India, based businessman Rakesh Agrawal, a chemical engineer by profession, and has been passionately lapping up art for the last 15 years. Agrawal, who has formed the Uttarayan Art Foundation (UAF), is developed in 50-acre land on the riverfront.


    Uttarayan Art Centre, which is a part of the foundation have been established to create a hub with adequate facilities where artists can come and experiment with various mediums and forms, be it stone, bronze sculpture; ceramic, glass works, comprehensive range of graphic art including lino, litho, etching, photo etching, woodcut, serigraphy etc and of-course in new media, digital art, apart from facilities for painting.

    Artists come and experiment to manifest their creativity in the forms and mediums they are not usually accustomed to. This has been greatly rewarding. International artists have also been invited from various countries and the interactive symposiums have been very joyful experiences.


Program Plan  

Day - 1                         Arrival 

Day - 2                         Presentation & Introduction mingle

Day – 3 - 9                   Creative workshop by 20 invited artists

Day - 10                       Creative art workshop with local school children

Day - 11                       Site scenes

Day - 12                        Exhibition Inauguration & a formal ceremony 

Day - 13                       Free Day

Day - 14                       Departure 


The Purpose of this Project

  • To provide a platform to interact with each other and with professional artists in art workshops, to make friends cross cultural boundaries as the future will bring more global interaction.
  • To provide a forum for cultural exchange between artists from different countries and to build a global network of talented/ local and national artists /art-enthusiasts /people who want to make a difference.
  • To build bridges to cultural understanding between people, to make friendship across the globe.
  • To enhance awareness and consciousness about the importance of biodiversity and protecting nature and cultural art heritage at very root level.
  • To provide a forum for artists from different countries, to jointly express concerns about ‘degeneration of biodiversity’ through their art.
  • To achieve unlimited personal growth, while enjoying and immersing in new surroundings.

And last but not the least…

Let us join our hands to make a difference in the quality of our lives, nation and our planet, Earth. Through selfless service and cooperation, we nurture the essential spirit that unites us amidst our diverse ways. No help is small. Every drop of your generous help is immensely appreciated in making our vision a success.

TellusArt is also rigorous to synchronize traditional art with the contemporary art of the World, highlighting the rich and incredible cultural heritage of India.


"Art Beyond Boundaries" workshop is an attempt to promote art, friendship and understanding between people of diverse culture.


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