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Tell us Art
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Art Beyond Boundaries 2013 - Sweden

Keep Our Planet Alive 2013, Goa

My Village My Nation, 2012

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

Let's Do It
New Delhi,India

Niv Vidya Mandir, within the eco-friendly environment, is situated in midst of farmlands where basic transport, road & even electricity is an impossible task. The meaning of NIV is ‘foundation’ and it is derived from the Hindi language. This word has its own essences as it sparkle eyes with the crystal clear mission of the organization.  NivVidyaMandir started with a dream and modest intends that every child is educated. It is an initiative of Mr. Shaji Mathew (Ethnic India) and Ms. Aruna Mathew, providing basic learning facilities for the children of industrial workers in the fast developing Noida Township. NIV started with a group of 20 students in June 2011, now has more than 80 students on its rolls. The main motive behind this is to prepare them for a formal education with the basic syllabus of Government/Public school.
NIV is also an art centre, offering an advanced creative space, where highly valuable interactions are possible between artists and audiences. NIV is featured with the five fold space facilities for aspiring artists by way of individual artist studio space, gallery space for exhibitions, media theatre for digital display, an amphitheatre and installation arena, residency for cultural personalities of worldwide.
NIV has the vision and determination to endure in its path towards the unforeseen challenging tasks. This organization is trying its best in providing and arranging all kinds of facilities within the available resources as, NIV is taking sincerely such initiatives and for welfare it is focused on the coming generation.
TellusArt is proud to be collaborated with NIV, as they have similar contemplation of sincere initiatives for needy people such as promoting contemporary art & young artists and in welfare for young generation by running a school in rural area for children who hardly afford to go to school.


22 Feb

Arrival at New Delhi Hotel


Workshop with the kids of NIV VidyaMandir, Village Nangli Nangla, Noida




Departure from India

TellusArt’s Initiatives

TellusArt proudly acclaims that it has been continuously venturing its manifold contributions to leave a mark of impression on others’ lives through art by organizing art exhibitions, creating awareness towards nature by conducting seminars on dealing with different issues related to nature and environment, constructing schools, adopting the deprived kids for education, providing stationery and other supplies to schools etc. since its foundation.  It believes in taking small steps every time to make a big difference in community, society, and the nation.  Its motto is “With the Children, For the Children” to mould their lives for a better future and connect them with their roots, the Mother Nature which has given everything in abundance without being partial. It provides a platform to aspiring new artists along with experienced and renowned artists from all over the world to exhibit their talent.

The Purposes of this project

To provide a platform to interact with each other and with professional artists in art workshops, to make friends cross cultural boundaries as the future will bring more global interaction.

To provide a forum for cultural exchange between artists from different countries and to build a global network of talented artists/art-enthusiasts/people who want to make a difference.

To build bridges to cultural understanding between people, to make friendship across the globe.

To enhance awareness and consciousness about the importance of biodiversity and protecting nature and cultural art heritage at very root level.

To provide a forum for artists from different countries, to jointly express concerns about ‘degeneration of biodiversity’ through their art.

 “Why to postpone for a good cause?” Let us join our hands to make a difference in the quality of our lives, nation and our planet, Earth. Through selfless service and cooperation, we nurture the essential spirit that unites us amidst our diverse ways. No help is small. Every drop of your generous help is immensely appreciated in making our vision a success.

And last but not the least…
TellusArt is firmly determined to save a healthy legacy behind, for the upcoming generations so that it will be the owner of a richer and secure planet!

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