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Art Beyond Boundaries 2013 - Sweden

Keep Our Planet Alive 2013, Goa

My Village My Nation, 2012

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

Keep Our Planet Alive
Victoria Continental Inn, Dharampur - Himachal Pradesh, India

Creative Art Workshop 6 Exhibition by 32 selective global artists

TellusArt has finished successfully its Five days Workshop & Exhibition of paintings by 32 selective global artists, and one-day workshop with invited school children of Himachal Pradesh- India. A closing ceremony to honor all invited artists was also a part of the event.

Date: 13th-20th March 2011

Venue: Victoria Continental Inn, Dharampur - Himachal Pradesh, India

Ceremony Visitors: 769

Workshop visitors: 1026

Children Visited: 574

Result: All 32 artists from different countries were satisfied with TellusArt workshop. Our project got good publicity through media. TellusArt is been booked for next show in February 2012. Project will expose Kangra- Traditional miniature paintings of Himachal Pradesh worldwide at international platform. This show will be sponsored by Victoria Continental Inn.


Art Workshop on Keep Our Planet Alive was jointly held for all artists. The workshop was open to the public and visitors; arts college students were free to interact with the artists.

A creative session for children and youth with senior artists was held on 18th of March 2011.

About 574 children and youth participated in one-day workshop from the schools of Shimla.

Artworks (Paintings and photographs) by 32 International artists were displayed alongside.

The Lawrence School of Sanawar in Shimla, invited all guest artists to visit & interact with their children.

A warm traditional welcome during closing ceremony was given to all the artists & TellusArt Team from Mr. Hardeep Singh Tiwana (Hotel Owner), with fine wollen caps and beautiful shawls in order to show gratitude for their participation for a noble cause.

The Purpose of this project

To enhance awareness and consciousness about the importance of biodiversity and protecting nature amongst children and youth around the world, by inviting them to paint on the subject.

To create awareness about species facing extinction, amongst the general public and inculcate a sense of urgency to ‘Keep Our Planet Alive’ by viewing inspiring artwork by children and youth along with established invited artists from different parts of the world.

To provide a forum for artists from different countries, to jointly express concerns about ‘degeneration of biodiversity’ through their art.

To promote art as a ‘medium of expression’, amongst children and youth of the coming generation of our planet.

To provide a platform for children to interact with each other and with professional artists in art workshops, to make friends cross cultural boundaries as the future will bring more global interaction.

To provide a forum for cultural exchange between artists from different countries and to build a global network of talented artists/art-enthusiasts/people who want to make a difference.

To build bridges to cultural understanding between people, to make friendship across the globe.

And last but not the least…

To play a role to ensure we all leave a healthy legacy behind for the generations to come. To play a role in leaving a richer and secure planet for our children !

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