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Tell us Art
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Art Beyond Boundaries 2013 - Sweden

Keep Our Planet Alive 2013, Goa

My Village My Nation, 2012

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

Keep Our Planet Alive
Denmark - Sweden
Copenhagen - Stockholm,Denmark - Sweden

TellusArt has ended successfully its event ``Keep Our Planet Alive- artists’ thoughts about future`` in Denmark & Sweden. They exhibited their works in Art Galleries of Copenhagen & Stockholm. Indian artists took part in’ Art Battle’ with Danish artists in Copenhagen.

Artists visited schools in Denmark and Sweden, they had healthy, creative & educative sessions, slide shows and talks with children and youth of various age groups of Scandinavia. They discussed about recycling in India and Sweden & future possibilities for a Green Planet. Students shared their contribution towards Environment.


Exhibition of artwork by artists from Scandinavia and the Asia.

Creative Interaction Workshop of Asian and Scandinavian Artists.

Creative Workshop with children of Schools in Sweden & Denmark.


Action plan: Dates and Venue

2 Sep 2010: Arrival of Asian artists at Copenhagen, Denmark       

3 Sep 2010: Asian artists workshop with school children at Gladsaxe Ungdomsskole, Gladsaxevej 315 2860 Søborg, Copenhagen.

3 -14 Sep: Exhibition at ´Gallery Artcompaz´, Copenhagen

4 Sep  2010: Asian TellusArt artists workshop with invited Danish artists “Art Battle” at Copenhagen.

5 Sep 2010: Departure from Copenhagen to Stockholm

6 - 8 Sep 2010: Asian artists Creative Workshop with invited Scandinavian artists and children at Ateljé Ciresia-Mariatorget, Stockholm.

4 - 12 Sep 2010: Asian and Swedish artists Exhibition at Ateljé Ciresia-Mariatorget, Stockholm.

9 Sep 2010: Workshop with Botkyrka Kommun Art teachers.

10 Sep 2010: Workshop with Botkyrka Kommun School children

11 Sep 2010: Workshop at Solna  Day Festival collaboration with Solna Stad.

12-13 Sep 2010: Invited Asian artists visiting art galleries & museums as well site seeings.

14 Sep 2010: Departure from Stockholm. 

During the event artists enjoyed their work, weather, shopping & greenery of beautiful Scandinavia.

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