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Art Beyond Boundaries 2013 - Sweden

Keep Our Planet Alive 2013, Goa

My Village My Nation, 2012

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

Suheil Badoor
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Suheil Badoor
About The Artist

Suhail Badoor was born in 1957 in Syria where he grew up and was educated until he decided to move to Switzerland and pursue his dreams of becoming an acclaimed artist and sculptor. He was an artist in residence broadening his education in a completely different environment to what he was used to having been brought up in the East.

He took part in several joint and individual exhibitions in Europe and the Middle East. Several of his works were recognized by the Ministry of Culture therefore boosting his acknowledgement as an artist and sculptor.

In his paintings, Badoor seeks to establish a link between the warm colors of a Syrian village with its olive trees and the cool hues of his home in Switzerland, providing works of art that amalgamate the two opposing styles and colors of East and West, resulting in the production of some aesthetically pleasing and thought provoking works of art.

Badoor firmly believes that artists should not constrain themselves to only paint or sculpt in one specific style and be conservative, for example Eastern or Western, but that they should be open to the concept of combining the styles of the different regions to produce works of art that are more interesting and creative to the spectator.

Badoor creates his works of art with the specification that the beholders must be of a strong mind. It is not his wish that audiences comprising of people who will not be open to his combination of styles to gaze at his art and criticize.

“Only intelligent beholders glance at my paintings, and there is no room for half-wit and cowardly people either.”

An episode of ‘Nawafeth’ (Arabic for ‘Windows’) series featuring Badoor was run on Al Arabiya News Channel on Thursday. ‘Nawafeth’ features fine artists from the Arab World.

The series is to release 100 episodes that will showcase profiles of the artists working in different art forms.

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