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Art Beyond Boundaries, Abu Dhabi- 2014
Art Beyond Boundaries, Vadodra-2015

My village my nation is the most ambitious project TellusArt has undertaken till date. Project is about to build a complex with having primary school, art residency, amphitheatre, cafeteria, art gallery, women fabric sewing center.

 Through “my village my nation” program we not only educate the poor students but also the locals and we also encourage them to participate in all social welfare efforts carried out by TellusArt. To further boost their participation TellusArt organises small village fair (mela) and festivals. Public enthusiasm and their willingness to learn and adopt a new idea is very encouraging. TellusArt believes three things to make a substantial change in the life of a particular society.

Communication – Contribution – Carry out

Villages are soul of every society in the world and preserve the incredible heritage of art and tradition of the country. They are part of but often get neglected as far as main stream of art is concern. TellusArt is trying to bridge the gap by inviting artists of international reputation to the doorsteps of the village. Thus villagers get a chance to mingle and exchange the beauty of their culture with artists of far of lands. This mutual exchange of ideas and cultures are the first laying stones of change.

Villagers gain more from this give and take of ideas and artists get the taste of typical rural life while creating and enjoying their exploration. More importantly TellusArt encourages artists to contribute an ever lasting impression on the cultural and social life of the villagers.TellusArt is committed to touch the lives of these villagers through art as we believe that art is the most powerful medium to convey our message across.

The most pleasing and important part of the project is to provide needy students and women of the village to make their lives better by providing them education and means to earn their living. TellusArt believes art and artists have the energy to uplift the lives of others while painting, dancing and enjoying every bit of the process.

My Village My Nation
My Village My Nation
My Village My Nation