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AnnuaL Festival TellusArt Academy-2014
Student Workshop in Village Academy
My Village My Nation
Kaliyanwala Village, Uttrakhand - India

My Village My Nation - my village of art & Heritage

Venue : Kaliyanwala Village, Uttaranchal

Date : 26th Feb  09th March 2012

Participated artists : 15

Village Volunteers : 22

Village families : 170

Village Kids : 254

My Village My Nation, mera gaon mera desh is a project for villages worldwide, parallel to the other art projects, in which TellusArt works to make villages more alive, responsive, growing & eventful in respect of arts, culture, heritage and environment. The interesting aspect of this project is the village where people will do the whole work by their own because they have a good knowledge about their sources. TellusArt will simply support & guide them to complete it in an effective way.

In this direction, Kaliyanwala in Uttrakhand is the first village and TellusArt has decided to give priority to the school construction and basic living support for needy kids in this village, therefore some awareness programs were initiated in this way, like, sustainable and effective utilization of its natural resources, to protect spanking environment, to preserve Art & Culture and so on.

Action Plan

26th Feb

Arrival to Kaliyanwala Village in Uttarakhand


Interaction with Village school children 'A Primary School' by TellusArt


Feb Cleaning and recycling program to show how one can utilize wastage and save the environment.

01st March

Planting trees and flowers for the benefit of biological stability.

02nd - 06th

Murals, sculptures and decorative paintings will be done by artists in village’s streets.


Closing ceremony & art workshop with children


Holi (Indian festival of colors) celebration


Moves to New Delhi

A Village project 'My Village My Nation' by TellusArt consists:

Construction of a Primary school for those who cannot avail & afford to go to school.

Cleaning & sanitization of a village through garbage sorting and recycling, twice in a month.

Planting trees & flowers by village people in their homes, streets and free space which helps in floating fresh air & purifying environment.

Designing of Sculptures and murals (wall paintings) in a village to make it artistically beautiful & to keep their culture alive in the upcoming generation.

To make villages more responsive, growing & eventful with respect of their arts, culture, heritage & environment in the succeeding years.

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