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Art Beyond Boundaries 2013 - Sweden

Keep Our Planet Alive 2013, Goa

My Village My Nation, 2012

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

Art Amalagamation
Tiger Camp of Habitat Hotels, Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand - India

Art Amalgamation: Global Thoughts & Creativity

Different expressions, cultures, traditions and arts from the globe brought together in one space. After a review of artists & their art works, TellusArt overviewed the range and variety of many art forms in the current global art atmosphere. It is an effort of TellusArt to put all thoughts, arts and creativities of the established and upcoming artists together in one space.

Uttarakhand is a peaceful, cultural and artistic place full of greenery, selected for the Event "Art Amalgamation" in India TellusArt has organized its workshop at Tiger Camp – Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand to explore the beauty of Art & Nature.

"Art Amalgamation" workshop was an attempt to endorse art, friendship and mutual understanding between people of diverse culture.

Venue : Tiger Camp of Habitat Hotels, Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand - India

Duration : 19th – 26th Feb 2012

Participated Artists : 38

Artwork Created by Artists :

Workshop Visitors : 1985

It was five days Workshop & Exhibition of paintings by 38 selective global artists, and one day workshop with invited school children of Uttarakhand was held successfully in the same campus. All invited artists have been honored by TellusArt during closing ceremony.

Action Plan

19th Feb

Arrival at Tiger, Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand - India


Four days painting workshop by 40 invited artists


Creative workshop with invited school children


Closing ceremony and exhibition of artworks created under workshop


Site Seeing


Proceed to village- Kaliyanwala for Event- 2

The Purpose of this project

To enhance awareness and consciousness about the importance of biodiversity and protecting nature and cultural art heritage at a very root level.

To provide a platform to the artists to express joint concerns about ‘degeneration of biodiversity’ through their art.

To promote art as a ‘medium of expression’.

To provide a platform to interact with each other and with professionals in art workshops.

To provide an opportunity for cultural exchange between artists from different countries and to build a global network of talented artists/art-enthusiasts/people who want to make a difference.

To build bridges for cultural understanding between people, to make strong and eternal friendship across the globe.

"Art Amalgamation" workshop is an attempt to promote art, friendship and understanding between people of diverse cultures.

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