TellusArt firmly believes in public contribution and participation in all welfare initiatives it undertakes. At present we are working vigorously on setting up a TellusArt academy & Women sewing center to help widows, needy women and poor students of rural areas near Kaliyawala village in India. You can also lend your helping hand towards this great initiative. Collective efforts, however small, bring bigger results. Any such contribution from your side will be highly appreciated. You can donate either in cash or donate any of the posted items.

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Kids Academy
Help us building an Academy for poor kids
TellusArt Academy is located in a small village, called Kaliyanwala in northern India. The purpose of the academy is to impart quality education upon unprivileged students living in the near vicinity. The vision of the academy is to provide those facilities which are not available to the poors or which they cannot afford of. TellusArt is committed to make this dream a reality in near future and also seeking any possible assistance from individuals, public welfare groups and corporate houses to accomplish its goal
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