TellusArt firmly believes in public contribution and participation in all welfare initiatives it undertakes. At present we are working vigorously on setting up a TellusArt academy & Women sewing center to help widows, needy women and poor students of rural areas near Kaliyawala village in India. You can also lend your helping hand towards this great initiative. Collective efforts, however small, bring bigger results. Any such contribution from your side will be highly appreciated. You can donate either in cash or donate any of the posted items.

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Education is the best gift
Help us giving the poor kids best gift of their life
Education is the best gift any kid can have at any point of his life. Education is always the most important tool in any nation building. Education plays an important role in shaping an individual’s career. The level of education helps people to earn recognition and respect in the society. Undoubtedly education is both socially & personally an indispensible part of human life. Education also helps to develop healthy surroundings. Every object that a mankind creates is based over the knowledge that he attains through education. The more the society develops the more life becomes dependent over education
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