TellusArt firmly believes in public contribution and participation in all welfare initiatives it undertakes. At present we are working vigorously on setting up a TellusArt academy & Women sewing center to help widows, needy women and poor students of rural areas near Kaliyawala village in India. You can also lend your helping hand towards this great initiative. Collective efforts, however small, bring bigger results. Any such contribution from your side will be highly appreciated. You can donate either in cash or donate any of the posted items.

Donate today to help continue our public welfare programes
Public Welfare
Helping us continue our public welfare initiatives
TellusArt believes in strengthening the women, because women are an integral part of our society. Fortification of women in the long run, would be advantageous for the local communities and would serve as a mile stone for others. Therefore, TellusArt has started a sewing centre for the poor women and widows to make them self-sustainable. Few international artists are showing their keen interest in this project and are very happy with working these women. The organisation also offers extended benefits to the families of these women by providing free education to their kids and also assists them in their future needs like marriges of their daughters or by sponsoring higher education to the deserving students. TellusArt is looking for the public and private participation for its dream come true. Hope, this project will expand gradually from a very small to its largest scale. Therefore, there is an appeal from all the individuals, small business houses, NGOs and corporate to provide help in best of their capacity.
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