Peter Varhelyi
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Peter Varhelyi
About The Artist

I was educated in Konstfack Highschool of Art in Sweden and have since then worked in many interesting art- and artrelated areas, often close to theatres, films and museums, mostly designing and painting backdrops and set designs. In between painting for scenografic events, I do illustrations for schoolbooks. I try to do them funny and relevant and take pride in working in this area.

I basically make drawings all the time, one way or the other. It is what I do and I find it infinitely interesting, whether the material is charcoal or iPad. All in all, the job has taken me to some fantastic places where I have met some fantastic people and also fantastic animals.

Lately I have taken the opportunity to focus more and more on my art works, exhibitions and studies.

I usually find my models in nature: birds, plants, clouds hopefully captured in a meeting between drawing and painting, between line and surface. Inspiration comes from folk art, street art and science.

I try to take every chance to traveling and to meeting clever and interesting colleagues from all over the world in a workshop setting, and I am amazed to find how easy it is to communicate through art.

It is always very inspiring to meet other cultures, to see other birds and other stars.

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