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AnnuaL Festival TellusArt Academy-2014
Student Workshop in Village Academy
Fabio Arnaudon
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Fabio Arnaudon
About The Artist
Fabio Born in 1960, to an Italian mother and a Spanish father, Fabio Arnaudon graduated from the Fine Arts School in Madrid. After teaching for three years he decided, in 1988, to start painting on a full time basis. An artist with a remarkably different oeuvre, his interests lie within painting, photography and music, all of which co exist and correspond in his work. He uses the medium of oil, acrylics, pencil and collage to paint his surreal  inner scapes. The large oils on canvas are well thought out works with sharp and well defined drawing whereas the smaller mixed media works retrieve a childlike spontaneity painted by the hand of adult experience. Each canvas plays out a deeply sensitive microcosm of emotions sourced from memory and it's underlying subconscious. Arnaudon's style belongs somewhere in the subliminal space between social realism and surrealism. Every painting is based on an experience and transports the feeling of that experience to the beholder. Cold blues-purples lie beside warm ochres-ambers and lush greens in these seemingly placid compositions. Arnaudon uses the technique of 'chiaroscuro' to build these perfectly manicured, beautifully built and exquisite dreamlike atmospheres akin to a folk tale inhabited by puppets and dolls. Yet a peculiar disturbance lurks in this near perfect setting. The fragility, mirrored through the baleful eyes of his protagonists comes to the fore and becomes the point of contact with the viewer. His muses, painted with tenderness and compassion, outwardly perfect and poetically poised seem to hold up a mirror to us, touching something deep inside us through their sad eyes, longing, waiting, wondering, mourning and contemplating. An assortment of animals make up the supporting cast as companions and ombudsman in their quiet journey of introspection. The backdrop reflects the artists travels and interests. Music take centre stage in his work and you can almost hear the soulful saxophone keeping time with the accordion in these lyrical compositions. Besides painting he has also explored human interaction with nature & the genre of 'abstraction in nature' during different seasons through his photographs.
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