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AnnuaL Festival TellusArt Academy-2014
Student Workshop in Village Academy
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About The Artist
Beginning as a temple artist Hemant Rao was brought into the city of Bhopal and in contact with visual artists at the young age of sixteen years. His practice was built painstakingly over the years, exploring a gamut of themes and channels before finally settling down with the medium of dry pastels. One of the youngest and only artist working with pure dry pastels in India, Hemant Rao has developed a unique form of work. His art comprises silhouettes of buds, butterflies, birds, feathers, seeds, flowers, the sky, the sun, the stars and the moon. Emerging, nascent and fresh from the surface of the canvas these motifs just born, seem to be blossoming.

Easy on the eye, his works permeate our senses effortlessly, hovering in the subliminal realm between representational and abstract. Between Valid and fantastical. Both existing in perfect harmony. The artist uses dots to create a mirage-like surface working his way through with sincere intention, far removed from hyperbole. There is a freshness in the monochromes. The highly mature use of space allows the images and motifs to breathe easily. 

For his installation art he created three dimensional colour forms using metal, acrylic  dry pastels, & pencils. Large vibrant flowers and butterflies in warm hues which then became part of real natural settings for a day, to be watched and explored with a childlike spontaneity.
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