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AnnuaL Festival TellusArt Academy-2014
Student Workshop in Village Academy
Bandana Kumari
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Bandana Kumari
About The Artist
Hailing from a small town in Bihar, Bandana was aware of the patriarchal structure of her village. She grew with a strong desire to re-define established norms regarding the life of women. Through her paintings she re looks at this bias and gives her own interpretation to this gender equation. 

The lead actors on her canvas take the form of the King & Queen of the Jungle. Living in perfect harmony the male & female protagonists on her canvas do as she, the lioness ( Queen of the jungle) wishes. Here she is free to rule, to prance and prey and to be pampered. Tender and warm one moment, brazen and carefree the next. All these traits embodied in the iconography ( of a deer, a rabbit, a fox ) on her  tattooed body. Larger than life portraits holding the viewer in a charismatic, almost magnetic trance such that one is unable to look away. Yet, strangely captivating so that the viewer feels an instant affinity with her innocent, bashful gaze and postures. Taking the issue of gender equality, as  the point of departure, the actors on Bandana's canvas show the female of the species indulging and being indulged unapologetically with playful and self explanatory titles as "Queen of the Jungle" and "Baby's day out".

The artists works with acrylic, first laying vibrant flat colours in the outline of her form. The body is then adorned with fine, intricate detailing in gold which on close inspection turn out to be tiny forms from the jungle like the rabbit, the fox, the deer, the squirrel as suggestive of the qualities present in her protagonist.Bandana sometimes dons the mantle of a performance artist, getting into the skin of her character for days like she did for her images of Lord Krishna.
She has received the state award from Bihar and recently won the prestigious Prafulla award 2016 in the Kalanand art contest.
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