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AnnuaL Festival TellusArt Academy-2014
Student Workshop in Village Academy
Dieter Kunz
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Dieter Kunz
About The Artist
Dieter a multi faceted and multidimensional artist whose work spans a broad range of subjects was born in Graz, Austria and now lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Beginning as a portrait painter, Dieter Kunz, besides being an avid traveller to countries like Cuba, Austria, Canada, and India, is a photographer, visual artist, sculptor and installation artist. He is passionate about architecture, music, cycles and cars which resonate in his works. He expresses himself through pencil,water and oil colours, the depth and richness of oils making them his favourite medium.

Initially working with photo realism he created many photo books. He spent many years in Cuba, and inspired by many old timers (cars) still running,he decided to paint them in a photo book called "Cuba Oldtimers". Later on his work concentrated on restored American cars. In his words they reminded him "of a woman's body shape" and in a way brought the concept of the American dream into his work. His love for cars is conveyed through his paintings. 
In Greece, where he spent six years, he learnt the art of iconography for decoration of the churches. Later he visited India and was fascinated by its night life, the chaos & dance of the night time traffic. This resulted in a photo book soon after. In the same genre he began a book project on the city of his birth, Graz, which were illustrative compilations, in pencil, of remembered stories about the city all contributed by famous writers belonging to Gaz. He named it, "Rooftops over Graz". 

Another project close to his heart is the one he did archiving the history of cycles. He created installations, sculptures and banquets for cycle enthusiasts using bicycle chains, tail lights, handle bars etc. These lavish buffets involved salads made from cycle bits & parts, marked by humour in true Dieter style.  In the last two years,he has been working with Formula one. The speed and the beauty of these cars will be the main motif in his works.
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