Try not to become a man of success but a man of value. "Albert Einstein"
Art Beyond Boundaries, Abu Dhabi- 2014
Art Beyond Boundaries, Vadodra-2015

TellusArt is committed to provide a global platform to outstanding and upcoming artists from all over  

the world through art exhibitions, workshops and projects which we are highlighting through the power

of art, issues that need collective human attention and participation to resolve.

TellusArt is a non profitable organization based in Sweden. It is an art organization dedicated to

bring substantial change through art.

Right from its conception, art activities and initiatives are at the heart of TellusArt. From 2008 onwards TellusArt has been inviting artists from all across the globe to participate in international art events held in different countries around the world. International artists are participating in these art events not only to paint for the cause but they also exchange their views and opinions about their distinctive cultures through talks and presentations, which makes it more than merely a painting workshop and gives TellusArt a real meaning.



To bring international artists at one platform, it does not only infuse villagers and their creative energy but also stimulate them to keep their homes and surroundings beautiful.


TellusArt began its journey in 2008 and till date it has organized 44 national and international events. 207 artists fron 32 different nationalities and thousands of school kids across the globe had participated in these events till date. International events were organized in Europe and Asia but student art works collected from every part of the world. Though all these events have their distinctive importance in our journey but some of the events and participations are worth mentioning. TellusArt was given an opportunity to showcase children art work at “United nations climate change conference” held in Copenhagen, Denmark in year 2009. Art beyond boundaries organized at Prince of Wales museum in Mumbai in year 2010 is also a very important event as 40 national and international artists participated in this event the maximum attendance in a single event. Art beyond boundaries-2012 held in Goa is also an important event as the directorate of art and culture extended their full support to our work and provided us with every required element to make this work shop a success. A 140 meter long wall painting was painted by all participating artist and school children from Goa as a public art to spread awareness about grave environment issues. Such an effort was highly appreciated by the locals and visitors alike. List of conducted events till date is given below.



Young thoughts about Tellus, Hagelbyparken, Stockholm, Sweden -2008.

Young thoughts about Tellus, India (New Delhi, Karnal, Chandigarh and Dharampur)-2009.

Children Art Workshop with Indian and Swedish Artists, IGNC for the Arts, New Delhi, India -2009.

Children Art Workshop with Swedish Artists on Global Warming, Nishan Public School, Karnal-India -2009.

FUSION 09, The Government Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh, India- 2009.

Creative Workshop, Victoria Continental Inn, Dharampur, Himachal Pradesh, India-2009.

Young thoughts about Tellus, Royal National City Park of Haga, Sweden- 2009.

Children Creative,Workshop Storvretsskolan, Odlingsvagen 36 Tumba, Stockholm, Sweden- 2009.

Save Our Home-Our Planet ,Bella Centre, COP-15 – Copenhagen- 2009.

Painting Workshop & Exhibition, Hajbro Plads, Copenhagen- 2009.

Protect Wildlife Heritage Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sanghralaya ,Mumbai -2010.

Art Worshop, Lady Florence Public School, Vill Begum Pur Khotola Nh-8 Khandsa, Gurgaon -2010.

Workshop with School Children, Khushi Girls Rainbow Home, Okhla , New Delhi- 2010

Creative Workshop, The Sri Ram School, Moulsari Avenue, DLF City Phase III, Gurgaon- 2010

FUSION 10, The Fine Art Museum, Panjab University, Chandigarh, India -2010

International Art Exhibition,  Victoria Continental Inn, Subathu Road, Dharampur, Kasauli HP, India- 2010

HagaDay Festival, Hagapark-Solna, Stockholm - 2010

Creative Workshop with Children, Tingsvall, Skansen, Stockholm -2010

Keep Our Planet Alive, Denmark & Sweden- 2010

Childrens Day Etnografiska Museet, Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 34, Stockholm- 2010

Global Annual Children Art Show, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi-India -2011

Keep Our Planet Alive, Victoria Continental Inn, Dharampur - Himachal Pradesh, India- 2011

Children's Creative Painting Workshop, Victoria Continental Inn, Dharampur - HP, India- 2011

Fusion 11, Experimental Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi -2011

Keep Our Planet Alive, Kaliyanwala Village, Uttrakhand – India- 2011

Hagadagen - Keep Our Planet Alive, Hagapark-Solna, Stockholm- 2011

Art Amalgamation, Tiger Camp of Habitat Hotels, Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand , India- 2012

Creative Workshop with school children, Tirangi Camp, Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand , India- 2012

My Village My Nation, Kaliyanwala Village, Uttaranchal -2012

Workshop With Children,Kaliyanwala Village, Uttaranchal- 2012

Workshop with Rainbow Homeless Girls, Rainbow Khushi Home, New Delhi -2012

Art Beyond Boundaries,The Eric Ericson Hall, Sweden- 2012

Galleri Rummet Art Beyond Boundaries - Kulturfyren at Skeppsholmen, Stockholm-2012

Group Show by Youth of Stockholm, Kulturfyren at Skeppsholmen, Stockholm -2013.

Keep Our Planet Alive, SanskrutiBhavan, Directorate of Art & Culture, Goa -2013.

My Village My Nation, Kaliyanwala Village, Uttaranchal- 2013.

Lets Do It!,Niv Vidya Mandir, Noida- 2013.

Art Matters, Slupskjulsvaen 26A, Skeppsholmen- Stockholm -2013.

Art Beyond Boundaries, Kulturfyren – Skeppsholmen, Stockholm , Sweden- 2013.

Art Beyond Boundaries, Art hub, Liwa, Abu Dhabi- 2014.

My Village My Nation, Kaliyanwala Village, Uttaranchal- 2014.

Art Amalgamation, Art of Living Center, Banglore, India- 2015
Art Beyond Boundaries, Tribal Museum, Bhopal, India- 2016
Art Beyond Boundaries, Stockholm, Sweden- 2016